Prodigal Daughter

Today we have a special guest post from Cal U student Brittney Jones. She saw this picture from Soularium and wrote this beautiful piece.


Soularium Church Pic

Prodigal Daughter

When I finally stopped running, I was alone, except for my memories. And I found myself standing before the door I’d run from, years ago. A heavy door, ornately carved, a painting of a man on a cross beside it. I touched the door, fingered the handle, and took an unsteady breath. Last time I had run from this moment and fled toward what seemed easier, what seemed less painful. That I was wrong made this return even harder.

There wasn’t a moment when this would be easy. I opened the door.Continue reading

Getting Stuck – a Review & a Giveaway

We’ve all been stuck in one way or another. Stuck in our relationships, staying with the same path because it’s what we know. Stuck in our perspectives on life, choosing to only see things from one direction. Stuck in our relationship with God, wanting to grow but not knowing how to get out of the rut.

The thing is, some of us don’t, can’t, or won’t recognize the ways we get stuck. Neither do we know how to get unstuck.


Thankfully, we don’t have to stay stuck. We can move on. We can grow. We can get unstuck.Continue reading

Don’t Underestimate the Little Things

When I found out I was going to the Olympics, I knew Thing 1 & Thing 2 had to go with me. You see, they’ve been on a an excellent adventure. And what world tour would be complete without a trip to the most illustrious international sporting event?

So, we made our way to London. The two stowaways were great travel companions. They got to see lots of famous sites and meet some cool people.

While I could tell many fun stories about our experiences, none of them is as exciting as how we ended up with Olympic tickets.Continue reading

The Grace Race

Grace. To think that our sins could be forgiven if we just put our trust in Jesus is unfathomable. No checklists. No proving that we’re worthy. It’s hard to comprehend in our performance-based world. Thankfully, in our insufficiency, God extends grace to us. Check out this video featuring Raizel Benn and her thoughts on grace.

This video was taken at Cal U and places nearby.

New Student Orientation Giveaway

Raizel and I had a great time meeting freshmen and their parents at New Student Orientation yesterday. This is an exciting time of the year as the school’s bustling with activity again. I enjoy helping new students feel welcome and more comfortable at Cal U. There’s so much to look forward to – it’s going to be a great year!

As part of our introduction of New Life, we held a guessing contest. Throughout the day 45 people participated, with guesses ranging from 55 to 500. The actual number of Tootsie Rolls and Dum Dums in the jar was 141. Congratulations to Chris King and Richard Anderson, who both guessed 137, for being the closest and for winning a $10 giftcard, compliments of New Life Christian Fellowship.

Amazing Awaits

Today’s my 6-year facebookiversary. I imagine I didn’t check facebook on about 100 of those days. That leaves 2093 days in which facebook was part of my life. Some days I spent just a matter of moments or minutes in cyberland, but other days I spent hours. I’ve invested an enormous amount of time in it. More than I’d care to admit.

Recently, I had almost 3 days away from technology, and I didn’t miss facebook or even think about it while I was gone. But, when I returned, I went back to my check-it-multiple-times-a-day habit. It’s a habit I want to break, and the only way I see to break it is to go cold turkey.

I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from facebook for four reasons:Continue reading

To My 20-Year-Old-Self: Slow Down!

I’m excited to continue this series today with a post from Chi Mejia. She and I are newly acquainted through this series, and I look forward to getting to know her. Looks like we’re place switchers, considering that I moved to Pennsylvania from Florida. 

Chi was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she lived until she was twenty. From there, she moved to Pennsylvania to attend graduate school at Penn State University. She now lives in Florida with her husband of eight years and two toddlers. She precariously balances working full time as a business analyst, involvement at church, and being a wife and mom to the best of her ability. Her primary interests are in sewing, canning, baking, crafts, homesteading and writing. She writes a blog at reading

To My 20-Year-Old Self: You Can Choose

Today, the series continues with a heartfelt post from my friend Zoe Long. I’ve known Zoe for a few years now, and I always look forward to seeing her. Her radiant smile, sweet spirit, fabulous hugs, and attentiveness always brought sunshine to my days. We’re in different states now, but thanks to facebook and this series, we’ve reconnected. I appreciate Zoe’s willingness to contribute and transparency in sharing today.


To my 20-year-old self:

Hey girl. It’s me. The woman you are going to become. I am almost 30 now, and it seems like a lifetime has happened since I was you. So much has changed. I look back at you and my heart breaks for what you have been through, and what you will go through.

I have no regrets to your choices. It molded me into who I am. But I am going to give you some advice anyways. If we had a redo this is what I would ask you to do.Continue reading

To My 20-Year-Old Self: You Are Nothing

At the end of March I had the opportunity to go to a really neat conference called Killer Tribes. No, it wasn’t morbid. It was centered on developing a tribe of people, a killer tribe so to speak. At this fantastic event I got to meet a lot of people from the internet. Lots of people I had interacted with for months via the blog world but had never met in person.

Jess Buttram was one of those people. Admittedly, it’s a bit awkward meeting people you know so well for the first time. It feels wrong to say, “Hi, I’m Kim” because they might say, “Yeah, I know. And here’s my BFF watch that matches yours.” But at the same time, it’s weird to just dive into conversation and skip over the it’s-nice-to-meet-you’s. Jess didn’t waste any time or make it weird, though. Before the conference began, she came over with a huge smile, saying “Kim!” while giving me a big hug. That’s the way it should be done.

Jess is a gem. Or a peach (whichever she’d rather be). She’s encouraging, funny, and a talented writer. I hope you’ll connect with her and check out her blog: I’m so glad she’s shared this powerful letter to her younger self with us.Continue reading

To My 20-Year-Old Self: Believe in Yourself. Believe in Your Dreams.

Each of the three weeks of this series have been great. Today, we have a special post from someone I’m looking forward to getting to know.  After the interaction I’ve had with her and reading this post, I know that Diane Hughes is a neat woman.

Diane is a native Tennessean who lives in Nashville. A veteran newspaper writer and editor, last year she set her sights on establishing a blog and navigating the Twitterverse. A born communicator, Diane has quickly learned the nuances of social media and enjoys engaging with her fellow writers online. She lives with her husband, Michael, with whom she shares a love of photography and the great outdoors. The two of them spend their spare time kayaking, photographing, hiking and backpacking. When she’s not hauling a pack into the woods or paddling the rapids on a local creek, Diane finds no greater joy than immersing herself in the pages of a good book. Find Diane’s blog at Musings on Life, but first be encouraged by these words of wisdom.Continue reading