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Leadership Team Members – Fall 2016/Spring 2017

President – Ryan Cummings

Vice-President of Communications – Katie Irwin

Treasurer – Derek Wisner

Secretary – Anna Seaman

Worship – Hannah Kovscek


Communications/Social Media – Kayla Moore



*We’re accepting applications for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 New Life Leadership Team. Read more about the Leadership Team below.

Apply for Leadership

The Leadership Team

Description of Positions

Elected Officers

President – works closely with the director to accomplish organizational goals; represents New Life in an official capacity; presides over business meetings; leads the officers and oversees the teamwork of New Life members to plan activities, meetings, and events; collaborates with New Life members to promote a healthy organizational environment

Vice-President of Communications – properly disseminates information to New Life members and affiliates about events, activities, business, etc.; submits reports about New Life activity to Student Activities, Inc. and follows SAI’s social media guidelines; represents the organization when the president is not available

Treasurer – oversees New Life’s organizational fiscal activity; communicates with New Life members and the director about the financial business of the organization; works closely with the director and SAI’s Chief Financial Officer to process all fiscal transactions in a timely manner

Secretary – keeps minutes at meetings; maintains communications between New Life and its affiliates; assists the vice-president in his/her roles of communication; maintains communications via email, social media, and website

Additional Team Members

Worship – serves as liaison between the leadership team and the worship team; plans the order of service for worship gatherings and recruits others to participate in sharing testimonies, music, etc.; sets up before worship and restores the meeting room to its proper condition after worship; leads prayer before weekly meetings

Fundraising – facilitates fundraising efforts for New Life, including making reservations, communicating about fundraising activities, recruiting help for activities/events, depositing money, and working with SAI to insure proper usage of New Life funds

Outreach – coordinates outreach to freshmen, residence halls, campus, and the community; connects New Life with other clubs on campus to do service together

Communications – works with the Vice-President to ensure quality communication of New Life events, activities, and involvement; promotes New Life through email, flyers, social media, etc.; captures photos of New Life members and activities

Discipleship – assists in establishing and recruiting for New Life’s small group Bible studies; coordinates prayerwalks, prayer gatherings, and prayer teams; stays in touch with small group leaders and encourages them

Social – assists in planning New Life’s social events; prepares food, decorations, shopping lists, and other necessary materials for these events

Qualifications & Expectations

* Leadership positions run for one year from fall to spring.
* Attendance at 75% or more of weekly New Life Meetings
* Attendance at 75% or more of weekly leadership team meetings
Attendance at the leadership retreats at the beginning of each semester
* Active involvement in New Life for at least one semester prior to serving on the leadership team

Goals for each Team Member

* Opportunities to learn about and develop leadership skills
* A stronger walk with Christ
* A positive, enjoyable, and memorable experience